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Post-Graduation in Health Sciences

May 25, 2017 16:07 , by Victor Navarro - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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The Graduate Program in Health Sciences was created in 1995 as a means of bringing together, into a single program, the small number of researchers that, at the time, worked at the School of Health Sciences of the University of Brasilia. After 22 years, however, the Program has undeniably had a significant impact on Brazilian society in terms of increasing the qualification of its human resources, advancing our scientific knowledge in the field of Health Sciences and improving the intellectual output not only of the School of Health Sciences, where the Program was originally created, but in other areas of the university and the scientific community as well.

The Program’s main goal is to provide high-quality training, at the graduate level, for new health scientists. Throughout the program they will develop the necessary skills to, independently and based on solid theoretical-practical scientific expertise, carry out teaching and research activities in our field of expertise. The Program also aims to:

  1. Prepare ethically-committed professionals with critical thinking skills;

  2. Bring together faculty, researchers and students with different areas of expertise who are committed to advancing the country’s scientific and technological progress, particularly that of our region;

  3. Produce relevant and high-quality scientific data;

  4. Provide new products, patents and production processes;

  5. Contribute significantly to increasing the qualification of health scientists in our region;

  6. Promote multi- and interdisciplinary research;

  7. Qualify students to readily carry out research and teaching activities at public and private universities, at research institutes and at local, state and federal government agencies;

  8. Provide the necessary theoretical and practical framework for developing research projects in the field of Health Sciences, by regularly offering graduate-level courses;

  9. Encourage participation in and the organization of national and international scientific events;

  10. Promote internationalization by encouraging faculty and students to: enroll in courses abroad, establish new international scientific collaborations with highly-productive research groups and invite researchers from abroad to come to Brazil;


The Graduate Program in Health Sciences (Master’s and PhD level) is dedicated to capacitate health scientists to have a high sense of ethics, commitment, competence and scientific independence in our field of expertise.

The Program has a multi-professional faculty that includes physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists, dentists, nurses, biologists, chemists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, physical education graduates, sociologists, anthropologists and social workers.

The Program has successfully certified 1.337 graduate students (939 at the Master's level and 398 at the PhD level) from a different parts of the country, mainly the Central-West and North regions of Brazil. These graduates are now working in different areas related to health promotion, research and education.

Master's and PhD studentd are required to complete a minimum of 20 (twenty) and 24 (twenty-four) course credits, respectively. These are distributed as follows:

  • Master's degree: 12 (twelve) credits are required to be in electively-chosen courses within our ‘Concentration Area’, while the remaining 8 (eight) credits may be obtained in courses from any related field;

  • PhD degree: 12 (twelve) credits are required to be in electively-chosen courses within our ‘Concentration Area’, while the remaining 12 (twelve) credits may be obtained in courses from any related field.


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