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Graduate Nursing Studies Program

July 26, 2017 0:20 , by Gabriely Mendes - | No one following this article yet.
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Graduate Nursing Studies Program

The Graduate Nursing Studies Program (GNSP) offered by the University of Brasilia (UnB), was established in 2010 with the Master’s and PhD’s programs, designed to support and expand a qualified graduate education for the region of Federal District, surroundings as well as the Central-West region of Brazil. The GNSP is affiliated with the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences at the UnB.
Since its establishment in September of 2010, this program has graduated a number of Master’s and PhD’s students who were from the region of Federal District, surroundings as well as Central-West region of Brazil, all of them were linked to universities and also to the healthcare system, at local and regional levels, taking part of public and private institutions; given that, this program has been able to accomplish its goals in terms of graduating nursing professionals with top-notch scientific and technological knowledge for our country.
The faculty members/researchers who are part of this program come from different backgrounds, working in diverse areas of nursing and health sciences.
The GNSP has been articulated with the healthcare services and universities, making possible to establish a collaborative network, where faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students and healthcare providers work together in multidisciplinary proposals, going from teaching, research and community engagement, along with universities and healthcare services. Our GNSP is a recent program and is still under a consolidation phase.


The master’s and PhD’s programs of this GNSP are directed to healthcare professionals, especially nursing and allied professionals. This GNSP’s aims are:
Contribute to advance scientific and technological knowledge in terms of cutting-edge knowledge directed to the process of caring and management in health and nursing.
Stimulate the development of studies focusing on utilization and assessment of models and technologies of nursing care, working process and models of healthcare.
Enrich the professional competence and develop abilities to elaborate multidisciplinary research proposals, focusing on health and nursing, ethics and health surveillance.

Graduate’s Profile

PhD in Nursing: highly qualified professional to work in the context of teaching, research and technological innovation in the areas of health and nursing.
Master in Nursing: qualified professional to work in the context of teaching, research and care services in the areas of health and nursing. The professional graduated at our program is capable of contributing with teaching and research in the areas of nursing and allied healthcare scope of practice, going from areas of nursing care and health/nursing management.

Area of Expertise

Care, Management and Technologies in Health and Nursing
It encompasses the caring process and health/nursing management. Theoretical concepts, models of healthcare, technologies in the working process and generation of qualified healthcare and nursing providers, ethics and health surveillance.
In function of this broad scope, there are two research areas:
Caring process in health and nursing
Management of systems and services in healthcare and nursing


Dr. Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis – pauladiniz@unb.br

Members of the GNSP Committee
Dr.  Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis – pauladiniz@unb.br
Dr. Ivone Kamada - kamada@unb.br
Dr. Laiane Medeiros Ribeiro – laiane@unb.br 
Dr. Thatianny Tanferri de Brito Paranaguá – paranagua@unb.br

Office for Graduate Studies Programs, Faculty of Health Sciences
Phone: +55 61 3107-1753
E-mail: spgfsacad@unb.br