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2013 Teoria de Tornar-se Humano na enfermagem ecológica: aplicando o método de avaliação de Meleis
2014 Medication errors in a public hospital in Brazil
2014 Perceptions of the nursing staff regarding the safety of elderly patients in the cardiac computed tomography with contrast
2014 Liricidad y toque de arte para la producción del conocimiento estético de enfermería – una reflexión poética inspirada en la Teoría de la Complejidad
2014 Perfil parasitológico de moradores de uma comunidade quilombola
2014 Nurses' knowledge regarding the handling of the totally-implanted venous access device
2015 Topical effects of chamomilla recutita in skin damage: a literature review
2015 Occurrence of violence caused by intimate partners in brazilian rural working women: a descriptive study
2015 Cohort study of institutionalized elderly people: fall risk factors from the nursing diagnosis
2015 Prevalence of medication-related incidents in an intensive care unit incidents in an intensive care unit
2015 Social representations about religion and spirituality
2016 Risk factors for medication errors in the electronic and manual prescription
2016 Validation of an educative manual for patients with head and neck cancer submitted to radiation therapy
2016 Welcoming in primary health care from the viewpoint of nurses
2016 Non-biological determinants of paediatric bladder bowel dysfunction: a pilot study
2016 A regulação sanitária brasileira como parte da política de saúde: lacunas e desafios
2016 Music listening for anxiety relief in children in the preoperative period: a randomized clinical trial
2016 Suporte para aprendizagem na perspectiva da segurança do paciente na atenção primária em saúde
2016 Quality of life of stomized oncological patients: an approach of integrality from Brazilian Unified Health System
2016 Hospitalizations sensitive to primary health care at a regional hospital in the Federal District
2016 Cross-cultural adaptation of safety culture tool for Primary Health Care
2016 Drug-drug interactions and adverse drug reactions in polypharmacy among older adults: an integrative review
2016 Surgical teams' attitudes and opinions towards the safety of surgical procedures in public hospitals in the Brazilian Federal District
2016 Gel of chamomile versus urea cream to prevent acute radiation dermatitis in patients with head and neck cancer: a randomized controlled trial
2017 Face validation of an educative manual for head and neck cancer patients submitted to radiotherapy
2017 Topical interventions to prevent acute radiation dermatitis in head and neck cancer patients: a systematic review
2017 Relationship of polypharmacy and polypathology with falls among institutionalized elderly
2017 Life quality for ostomized patients: a perspective in the health and nursing care process
2017 The sexuality of a colostomized person as a major component of quality of life and nursing care
2017 Evaluation of the death attitude profile-revised: a study with health science undergraduate students
2017 Relationship between climatic factors and air quality with tuberculosis in the Federal District, Brazil, 2003-2012
2017 Mapping the Medication System: Weaknesses and Risk Management
2018 Advanced Practice Nursing in Pediatric Urology: experience report in the Federal District
2018 Parental involvement in the puerperal pregnancy cycle: experiences and feelings
2018 Risk for acute kidney injury in primary health care